I help leaders and teams make an even greater impact through authentic conversations.

I coach. I facilitate. I speak. 

I support individuals to shine brighter. Because when they do, everything becomes better.

I'm about: Honesty. Authenticity. Results. All with a healthy dose of fun. That's me: I'm Cathy Johnson.

I believe that leading with authenticity opens the doors to results, and that making the process fun helps people have the courage to step through those doors.

So if you're looking for group facilitation, personal coaching or event keynotes that makes an even greater impact, let's connect.

Cathy Johnson coach
Cathy Johnson coach

Hi, I'm Cathy Johnson

I've lived in Singapore since 1998. Asia has been such a huge part of my life. And I love it here. But I grew up in the south-eastern part of the USA (think Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina). After I got my MBA I moved to New York City where I worked as a management consultant specializing in marketing and communications. Consulting took me to Chicago, and my relationship brought me to Singapore. I particularly enjoyed working with people across industries and nationalities, and of course I still do that now. At home we have a miniature dachshund named Pipsqueak.

Cathy Johnson's Sweet Pea

Meet Pipsqueak

She's our puppy, and while she has nothing to do with my business officially, you and I could be online together and she might interrupt us. So I wanted you to meet her, too. Of course for those online events where I am super focused, Pipsqueak is kept upstairs and away from my office. She's named after the smallest Bar-ba-loot in Dr Seuss's The Lorax (all our dogs have been named after cartoon characters). She's a great reminder that not all everything is about financial success, but often more about relationships - and especially so in my facilitation and coaching work. She's such a sweet puppy; I wanted you to meet her. 

Organizations I've worked with

I'd be happy to chat with you about the results I've achieved with the organizations I've worked with. Here are some of them: Barclays, Sony, Aon, Citibank, Microsoft, Roche, Rolls-Royce, Deloitte, Paypal, Google, Honeywell, HSBC, Rio Tinto, MasterCard, National Australia Bank, Publicis, Shell, Arup, Singapore Tourism Board, Attorney-General's Chambers, Aviva, BASF, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Singapore Police Force, Villeroy & Boch, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, SingTel, TMF Group, Standard Chartered Bank, BBH, TripAdvisor, United Technologies, Unilever, VMware and Visa.

Needed: authentic conversations

People can get stuck due to a lack of clarity or because they're avoiding tough conversations. Or because they're unclear about the tough conversation. Whatever.

Now, that conversation could be with yourself or your spouse or with your team, but what's important is that the conversation is real, impactful, and helps you get to where you need to go. That's what I'm passionate about: helping people move forward.

Cathy Johnson coaching

How I'm engaged to help

My clients engage me to do 4 key things.

For individuals, I'm engaged to help them get clarity and challenge barriers so that they're no longer stuck, but are more able to shine. My training sessions equip leaders with the skills of having tough conversations that help with performance management, delegation, accountability, and much more. When facilitating group conversations, the focus is on clarity and alignment. And my keynotes help mindsets shift to better embrace personal and organizational change.

Let's make a time to connect

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Here are some testimonials

Andrea Edwards

“Cathy is a uniquely gifted lady. Her business insights, understanding of the issues that matter in business and the wider world, as well as her world-class coaching and facilitation experience, all came together and I was floored by the power of her inner strength and on-going resilience.”

- Andrea T. Edwards, CEO, Thailand

Yasmine Khater

“I had the opportunity to listen to Cathy as she shared her take on authenticity. She has a unique ability to make you feel all sorts of emotions and to walk away realising how crucial it is to be a better communicator at work and in all parts of life.”

- Yasmine Khater, Psychologist Singapore

Tim Wade

If you're looking for a coach who is the real deal, choose Cathy. You won't get some peacock pretending to sound intelligent or experienced. Instead you'll get Cathy, and she is truly experienced, exceptionally wise, and so genuine and easy to talk with. And you'll see again with clarity and conviction. I love her to bits. If you can get her, choose Cathy.

- Tim Wade, Director, Singapore

How would you like to work with me?

Cathy Johnson coaching

Coaching Sessions

I work with C-Suite executives, senior leaders and managers. They like my 32 years of coaching experience, and appreciate that I'm an Integral Coach, Professional Coach Certified, and International Coaching Federation certified at the PCC level. I use Integral Coaching methodology to enable development across a range of professional and personal arenas, increasing the coaching depth and impact.

My focus is to help support you to become deeply self-aware; to understand yourself in a way most people don’t, to make deeper changes most people won't, and to increase your capability, effectiveness, influence and impact, all with a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment.


I help teams increase their skills in powerful conversations, leadership development, compelling presentations, difficult conversations, performance management, executive presence, dealing with conflict, and developing assertiveness. Some particular development programs I facilitate are:

  • + Discover Your Unique Leadership Style

  • + Bring Your Leadership Style Into Your Workplace

+ The Masterful Manager Bootcamp

+ Speaking Up: Saying What’s True for You

+ Finding your thoughts, finding your voice – in one-on-ones and larger meetings

+ Excellent Presentation Skills for Senior Leaders

+ Authentic Performance Management for Results

  • + Leading with Greater Self-Awareness (Women)

+ Step In, Step Up: Overcoming Your Obstacles

Cathy Johnson speaking

My Keynotes at Your Event

I help your audience shift from operating through a lens of false assumptions so that they can make a greater impact with authenticity and purpose. This helps them contribute at a higher level in their organization, with increased effectiveness, motivation and engagement. Here are some of my most in-demand and interactive keynotes:

+ Creating a New Human Age

+ Making Difficult Conversations Work

+ Getting to Authenticity

+ Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

+ Living in the Real World

+ 7 Key Leadership Qualities When It’s Not Business-as-Usual

And of course I will also customize a keynote based on our discussions and the objectives you have for your event.

If you're looking for rah-rah, that's not me. But if you're looking for a connection moment during your event, a moment where you need your audience to get real, hear truth, and grow stronger in themselves, then let's connect and have a chat. Click the button and let's set up a time to discuss how I can help.

Yes, I'm all about authentic conversations, so let's have one!

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